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Up and coming London based poetess, Latifah Damali, has released her newest spoken word piece, entitled “Mia Sorella” (“My Sister” in Italian). “Mia Sorella” is a motivational piece that was inspired by her sister, and her true stories told about parenthood. She uses her sisters experiences to encourage other young mums to keep their head up and never give up when times get tough.


The supporting visuals for this piece were directed by herself and Terell Clement, and speaking on the production of “Mia Sorella” she says “Parenthood is arguably one of THE MOST beautiful things…Some young mums have a beautiful blissful experience from start to finish… (and of course, that’s what we’d all hope for) But some don’t. this is for THEM… This is to the struggle.. “Everything will be okay in the end… & if it’s not okay… It’s not the end”.


Watch and listen to “Mia Sorella” below:




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