Latina Pop Artist Maria Deirisarri Unveils New Single ‘Diamond’

Maria Deirisarri, a young Latina pop musician who incorporates her background into her artistic personality, has dazzled her audience with her brand new alt-pop track “Diamond”, which is freshly released.

“Diamond” depicts a dark ambivalence related to Billie Eilish‘s style, saturating the tune with an uncomfortable feeling of wanting independence but not knowing how to pursue it.

“Diamond” is accompanied by a bonus track called “Freedom,” which is a hauntingly harmonic exploration of Maria’s vocal powers as well as an abstract extension of the song’s concept of pursuing freedom but not understanding how.

Maria was motivated to write the song as a gift for her mother, who works as a Gemologist and fine jewelry designer, and kept listeners enthralled with an emotionally-ripping tempo and powerful vocals that highlight her astounding composing ability at the young age of 16.

As the artist states,“My mom is a Gemologist and fine Jewelry Designer who asks for a new diamond as a gift on any special occasion… so it’s become a family joke and an excuse to talk and speculate about the beauty and value humanity has assigned to those unique stones, the hardest most coveted crystals representing human’s love when the love lasts”.

After hearing thousands of stories from her mother about engagements and divorces, life and death, celebrations, and legal disputes, Maria’s insane fascination with diamonds captured her mind, resulting in Maria’s musical rumination on the passionate desire for a diamond at first, the blindness to its beauty, the greed, the need, and finally the unexpected whimsical pauses as she reflects on ownership in a relationship.

Maria Deirisarri’s voice varies from a romantic warmth to alluring darkness as she shines beautifully as a lyricist above her years, with songs such as “Te Necesito”, “Blindfolded” and “Itilu” each earning over 10K plays on Spotify.

Among the many things keeping the young artist occupied are her victories in numerous competitions. Maria won the ‘DUNWOODY IDOL’ 2022 competition and finished second in the ‘Delta Mu Mu’ competition two years in a row. Furthermore, she plays Harriet in Emma! A Pop Musical at her high school.

Listen and enjoy “Diamond” by Maria Deirisarri below!

#Peace.Love.Maria Deirisarri

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