‘Bloodstream’ From Ay Wing Is An Engaging Musical Dreamscape

Delicate yet powerful vocals plunge the listener into the intimate and vulnerable world of Ay Wing, as you will here on her new single titled “Bloodstream” taken from her new album of the same name.

Indie, pop, and contemporary R&B influences blend uniquely in the artist’s music, each song carried by her expressive vocals. Soulful, beat-driven songs invite the listener to go deep within themselves, channel feelings at the cellular level, face fears, and confront buried emotions.

According to Ay Wing, “Bloodstream is about coming to terms with the realization that I had lost touch with my body after years of suppressing emotions. By allowing myself to feel without judgment, I could address the inner conflict responsible for this tension, and translate my experience into music. This helped me understand myself, and those around me, a bit better“.

“Bloodstream” is deeply cutting, and the listeners are drawn into an intimate and sensitive realm by vocals that are both delicate and forceful. It is important to confront your concerns and allow your emotions to flow.

As Ay Wing states, “Fear is in my body, in my cells, and in my lifeblood, it involves confronting your fears and allowing your emotions to run free […] Let myself feel it all, so I’d be coming home to me”. In all the right ways, the song aches, luring the audience to investigate their selves alongside the artist.

Ay Wing, a Swiss-born Berliner, pretty much knows how to guarantee that her delicious, colourful neo-soul will get a crowd moving. First-time listeners are frequently so mesmerised by her glittering beats that they keep returning for more, both online and in person.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Ay Wing combines entrancing, beat-heavy R&B-inspired sound with intimate, introspective lyrics. She has toured throughout Europe (Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, England) as well as in the US, and has opened concerts for acts such as Selah Sue and Sofi Tukker.

Listen to and enjoy the new single “Bloodstream” by Ay Wing below!


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