Lauren-Paige And Little George Unite For Empowering New EP ‘Woman’

Stereofox Records is thrilled to announce the collaboration of UK talents Lauren-Paige and producer/multi-instrumentalist little george on their latest project.

The debut EP titled Woman is a soul-stirring collection that delves into themes of self-growth, acceptance, and contemporary female representation.

The EP’s first single, “Foolish,” features rapper Dale May and beautifully melds R&B and hip-hop with a hazy ambience, reminiscent of artists like Maya Law or Jorja Smith.

The title track, “Woman,” is an homage to significant female figures in Lauren’s life, exploring the essence of womanhood. “Disconnect” showcases a more stripped-back style, featuring guitar work by Lauren herself, while “Grow” stands out with its intricate sound design and Lauren’s compelling vocal prowess.

The Woman EP emerges as a cohesive and intriguing addition to the UK’s vibrant R&B scene, showcasing the duo’s ability to create music that resonates on a deep, personal level.

Lauren-Paige has established herself in London’s music scene, collaborating with artists across various genres, including drum’n’bass and hip-hop. Her participation in sessions with different producers has honed her talents, leading to performances at prestigious venues and support from BBC Introducing.

Little george’s musical journey, from his early days with a guitar and trumpet to performing with Samm Henshaw and delving into production during lockdown, reflects his diverse influences. His collaboration with artists like Saint Joshua and Dale May, coupled with airplay on BBC Introducing, highlights his versatile and evolving style.

Lauren-Paige speaks about the project with passion, emphasizing the importance of honesty and safe creative spaces in her songwriting process. Little george, on the other hand, sees the EP as a milestone in his career, being the first project where he has handled both production and mixing. The EP not only showcases his multi-instrumental talents but also solidifies his unique sonic identity.

As these artists join forces, their Woman EP stands as a testament to their growth and evolving artistry, marking a significant chapter in their musical journey. Listen to it below.


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