Lausanne DJ And Producer Spice K Unveils New Single ‘Forget’

Emerging as a distinctive voice in the electronic music scene, Lausanne-based DJ and producer Spice K has released his latest single, “Forget,” on December 8.

Not yet a household name, Spice K has been steadily making his mark in the diverse world of electronic music. His journey through different musical styles, from Progressive House to Melodic Techno and now Electro-Pop, raises the question of whether he is still discovering his musical identity or purposefully transcending genre boundaries.

“Forget,” distributed by Brazilian G-Mafia Records, is a product of Spice K’s evolution within less than a year of entering the music production scene. The track is an audacious blend of chill vibes and danceable rhythms, showcasing Spice K’s forward-thinking approach to house music. It features an intriguing mix of hand-drum loops and dreamy synth pads, culminating in a psychedelic outro.

The song is about the complex emotions of longing and desire within a toxic relationship, reflecting Spice K’s personal journey through addiction and toxic relationships. His music serves as a therapeutic outlet, channeling his experiences into his art. “Forget” resonates with its catchy melody and the emotional depth of its lyrics, reflecting Spice K’s commitment to pushing the boundaries and exploring new territories in dance music.

With a background that includes jazz education and sound engineering, Spice K returned to DJing in 2017 as an Open-Format DJ, demonstrating his versatility across various musical styles. His journey from DJing to producing his own music signifies his dedication to musical exploration and growth. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Spice K invites listeners to join him on an immersive sonic journey that defies conventional musical molds.

Spice K’s work is a testament to his unique blend of musical influences, from Kygo’s groundbreaking sounds to Diplo’s captivating beats and Meduza’s relentless energy. “Forget” is not just a track but a reflection of Spice K’s journey, inviting listeners to experience the rich tapestry of his evolving musical landscape.

Listen to “Forget” below!


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