Emerging New England Artist And Producer Matt McKnzi Unveils New Single ‘Ghost’

Emerging artist and producer Matt McKnzi’s latest single “Ghost” is a hauntingly evocative track that delves into the complexities of love, lust, and heartbreak. This new addition to his growing catalogue blends pop, R&B, and hip-hop, creating a reflective musical journey that resonates with listeners’ personal experiences.

“Ghost” is an introspective song about grappling with the lingering impact of a toxic past relationship. McKnzi describes the song as a representation of the persistent feelings that arise from past traumas or shames, emphasizing the challenge of transforming that pain into something positive. The track stands as a symbolic nod to the remnants of our past that continue to haunt us in various forms.

The song benefits from McKnzi’s layered vocal talents, featuring a dynamic range from hip-hop cadences to pop and ballad styles, all set against a rhythmic 808-heavy pop soundscape. This production style, combined with McKnzi’s emotional depth, results in a track that is both fun and introspective, capturing the essence of his artistic narrative.

Matt McKnzi, originally from New England, is a singer-songwriter and producer who defies conventional musical genres, blending pop, soul, and alternative R&B with major influences from hip-hop, jazz, and rock. His lyrics often reflect a dark past marked by toxic relationships and addictive tendencies, adding a unique vulnerability and depth to his music.

McKnzi’s journey in music intensified after he got sober in 2020. Committed to pursuing his musical aspirations, he spent considerable time writing and producing, honing his skills in creating songs from scratch. His debut single “Dying Breed,” released in February 2022, captivated audiences and set the tone for his writing style and narrative.

His dedication to his craft led him to develop a signature style, characterized by heavily layered vocal arrangements over melancholic pop chords, driven by 808s and bass. Working closely with engineer Will Carmack at FiTy50 Studios in Dallas, McKnzi has refined his sound, with “Ghost” being a testament to their collaborative creativity.

McKnzi is set to release a full-length album in March 2024, a project that holds personal significance following the recent passing of his mother. This album is a tribute to her wish for him to follow his dreams, which McKnzi is now passionately pursuing.

“Ghost” is available for streaming and promises to be a powerful addition to McKnzi’s evolving musical journey, showcasing his ability to turn personal struggles into compelling art.

Listen to “Ghost” below!


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