Leicester Rapper Queen Millz Releases New Single ‘Money’ | Music News


Young singer, rapper and songwriter Queen Millz  is back with a powerful new rap song “Money”, released on April 21, and accompanied by a video!


Queen Millz grew up in a town outside Leicester. She always wanted more, with a spirit of adventure and real energy. Her parents tried to channel her into poetry workshops, as she was always good at writing and telling stories. Her parents were both passionate about music. She was inspired by the drum’n’bass they listened to, adding pop and grime to it.


With her music, she puts herself on the same level as all the boys who had put her aside because she was a girl. In addition to having a vibrant soul voice and being able to rap like nobody else, the artist also knows how to dance, having studied it. She has multiple talents and a great self-confidence, which helps her to always go further.


She has done sessions with big production teams such as Heavytrackerz and TSB and her first EP is already in progress. She has also received coverage by GRM Daily and support from BBC Introducing.


Due to her great self-confidence, she explains in her song “Money” that she may not have a lot of money now, but that soon she will be very rich.


Watch the video for “Money” here:




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