Leicester Singer Riya Gadher Releases Enchanting New Single ‘You Take Up My Songs’

Riya Gadher, the rising star from Leicester, is making waves in the music industry with her latest single “You Take Up My Songs“.

The song has a warm and comforting feel, like the gentle warmth of a campfire. Despite talking about a somewhat hopeless situation, the music radiates an energy of hope and optimism. Rustic and earthy yet edgy, it projects an aura of clunky vintage rawness, authenticity with blooms of character and bursts of abstract vocal expressions.

Riya’s voice has an almost enchanting quality to it, pulling in the listener with every vulnerable, quirky nuance. Having played the piano for over ten years, it is the musical medium she uses to help tell her stories and paint a thousand images, which is reflected in her songwriting and unique sense of delivery.

Although Riya is a new, independent artist, “You Take Up My Songs” has travelled through three of the most legendary studios in the country. Starting off with Riya’s original production, it was developed and enhanced at RAK before moving into the hands of the iconic Abbey Road for mixing, ready for its final sign off by one of the country’s leading engineers at Metropolis.

Riya has big plans for the future and this is just the tip of the iceberg for this young, talented songwriter. With heaps of material currently being prepared and more singles to be released this year, you can expect to see and more importantly hear a lot more of her in the coming months.

With an inimitable sense of fashion and the ability to sing, write, produce, perform, dance and act, Riya is definitely one to look out for. Born and raised in Leicester but now residing in London, she aims to fully launch her career in 2023 having been silently developing for the past 5 years, with her last single acting as a stepping stone to truly finding her sound.

Her music will transport you to a variety of dimensions filled with mind and soul-pleasing melodies, emotion in its rawest form, and lyricism brimming with heartfelt messages. Sonically speaking, Riya mines her material from the past and refines it in the present to create a sound that will ultimately shape her future.

In conclusion, Riya’s latest single “You Take Up My Songs” is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, with its warm and comforting feel, captivating vocals, and unique sense of delivery. With big plans for the future and heaps of material currently being prepared, Riya is definitely one to watch out for in the coming months.

Listen to “You Take Up My Songs” below:


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