Lewis Capaldi – Grace | Music Video


Following his recent addition to the BBC Radio 1 ‘Brit List’, Scotland’s Lewis Capaldi has unveiled the highly entertaining video to his brand new single “Grace“.


Juxtaposed against the song’s beautiful craftsmanship, the video sees Lewis engage his cutting edge wit and tongue-in-cheek personality. What at first appears to be him preparing for a music performance, quickly escalates into winning over the room with an outrageously hilarious dance routine, backed by a fleet of male performers.


A break from the perception of ‘seriousness’ some artists have, the video serves as a perfect example of Capaldi’s willingness to take risks, allowing him to stand out from his contemporaries.


On the sounds and themes to both the track and video, Lewis comments: “‘Grace’ is a song about being with someone who makes any negative shit going on in your life feel irrelevant. There’s something class about finding someone who can do that – you don’t know what you were doing or how you felt before. That’s where the line about finding salvation in the form of your grace comes from.




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