Lianne La Havas Talks Songwriting, Inspiration And Influences | Music News


In a recent interview with the BBC, Lianne La Havas has discussed her approach to songwriting. In the interview, she states that she wrote her first song when she was 11, entitled, “Little Things”, having taught herself the piano since age 7. She said that she loved poetry, saying that making “sentences that made sense as a story but would rhyme” was fascinating. At age 12, Jill Scott became a big lyrical influence on her and when she started playing guitar at age 18, she found her voice, thanks to her dad’s Bob Dylan influence.


Her current approach to songwriting is very much about what’s currently happening to her, stating that “I think you should write as much about happiness as you do about sadness“. In the interview, she also discusses her autobiographical track, “Green And Gold” which mirrors interest in her Greek and Jamaican heritage. Read the whole interview here.



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