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Liev Schreiber


After an appearance in the truly dismal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of Sabretooth. Well, it turns out that he may be the only salvageable thing from that train-wreck as it has been reported that Liev Schreiber may reprise his role for Wolverine’s third, as yet untitled, solo outing.


Speaking to MTV on the Oscar Red Carpet on Sunday, Schreiber claimed that the idea had been suggested to him:


We’ve talked about it, Hugh’s mentioned it to me. The Old Man Logan story: that’s appealing. That’s something I can do.


The storyline that Schreiber mentions, Old Man Logan, is set 50 years in the future, in a time when supervillains have teamed up to destroy all superheroes and those that have survived, Wolverine included, have long since left behind their old lives.


Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine films have been troubling: X-Men Origins: Wolverine was just awful (with depictions of Deadpool and Gambit fans want to forget) and its 2013 follow-up, The Wolverine, although an improvement over the first, was still lacking.


Now, James Mangold is coming back for his second directorial attempt and perhaps adding Schreiber’s menacing Sabretooth will be the missing component. 


Little is known about the picture aside from the fact that Mangold will be directing from a screenplay written by Michael Green, that Jackman intends for this to be his final appearance as Wolverine and that it has a release date of March 2, 2017.



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