Lil Flower Nasti Returns With Refreshing New Track ‘Bye Bye Boy’

As soon as you start playing this song, your day gets better. Vibrant rhythms and powerful notes like those which make a perfect film soundtrack. That’s what the young American singer Lil Flower Nasti did in her new song “Bye Bye Boy”.

It brings you into a completely different reality. Listening to it you feel like having some king of superpower and you can’t help it but dance.

“Bye Bye Boy” is just the last masterpiece by this talented artist whose incredible style brought her to gain a Grammy Nomination at this early stage of her career.

This new song shares those beautiful vibes that only jazz can bring, making “Bye Bye Boy” a soulful piece with an intriguing lyrics about an ex boyfriend who needs more than a hint to get out of the picture.

Lil Flower Nasti’s last song was produced featuring Z-Man and mixing backing vocals of Genevieve Goings with playing by Daniel Cohen, resulting in a colourful composition.

This is extremely relatable to those who have had an ex trying to come back into their lives once life seems to start popping. We brought Daniel Cohen in to produce live instruments in the beat and Genevieve Goings as well to do some background vocals to make a classic Noble House Records song“, Nasti explains commenting her new release.

“Bye Bye Boy” is just the latest example of Nasti’s versatility and passion for different music genres. From jazz to hip-hop, from funk to should, you never know what Lil Flower Nasti will do next, and her increasing audience loves this refreshing style!

Listen to “Bye Bye Boy” on Spotify


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