Singer-Songwriter Jodi Heights Releases New Single ‘Aurora’

Jodi Heights is an inspiring and unique singer. Her classically honed technique is promising and her brilliant lyrics can be extremely relatable, and she certainly understands a lot about music as she holds a Master of Music from the New England Conservatory.

This time, for her first song recorded at Futura Productions, Jodies brings us an interesting and stunning single entitled “Aurora”.

According to her, “I’ve never seen the aurora borealis, but I was inspired to write a song about this natural phenomenon after reading the book ‘Wintering’ by Katherine May (…) This was the perfect subject for my first original on Celtic harp (…) That small level of uncertainty and building trust in my playing found its way into the meaning and performance of the song”

Musically wise, we could describe “Aurora” as a very harmonic sound, the kind of music that would feel adequate to hear on a cloudy-rainy day outside while drinking a cup of tea. Heights’s voice enrolls us in a sense of home and comfort. It echoes beautifully and magically anywhere you play it.

Lyrically, we could assure you that everyone can or will relate to what’s said since we all have moments of uncertainty in life, not knowing exactly what to do or where to go next since it’s a common problem that’s being addressed. Instead of actively trying to find a viable solution, we rely on our instincts to direct us to the right path.

Critics in the press about Jodi’s music reveal her ability to transform songs into something magical, with Edgar Allen Poets describing her as “A high, ethereal voice that literally takes you to heaven”, and Nicole Mendes from The Other Side Reviews saying, “Soul-stirring and hypnotic, singer-songwriter Jodi Heights can easily ensnare your senses with her unique sound”.

Listen to “Aurora” on Spotify below.


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