Lily Kershaw Reflects On Her Past And Embraces The Present With ‘Living Room Parties’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw returns with her latest single, “Living Room Parties,” a poignant and introspective piano-driven ballad.

This new release continues the narrative arc set by her earlier single, “Depreshmode,” delving deeper into her personal struggles with depression. Both songs herald the upcoming arrival of her new album, the details of which are eagerly anticipated by her fans.

In “Living Room Parties,” Lily Kershaw artfully captures a period in her life overshadowed by depression. The song, available on all major platforms, serves as a melancholic reflection on a time when social engagement felt like an insurmountable challenge.

I was at a friend’s house party and couldn’t be present or feel any emotion,” Lily shares, recalling her struggle to find comfort in ordinary social settings. This track marks a significant evolution in her journey, contrasting her turbulent twenties with her newfound appreciation for the simple joys of life.

Since her debut album, Midnight In The Garden (2013), featuring the popular single “As It Seems,” Lily has steadily gained acclaim and a significant following. The album garnered millions of streams and landed multiple syncs on prominent TV shows like Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy.

Her 2018 EP Lost Angeles and the 2021 sophomore album Arcadia further established her reputation, drawing praise from outlets such as Nylon, American Songwriter, and Vulture. Her music, characterized by its raw honesty and emotional depth, has resonated deeply, amassing over 80 million streams.

Lily Kershaw’s journey in the music industry is marked by continuous growth and exploration. She has shared stages with artists such as Radical Face, Mason Jennings, The Weepies, and Joshua Radin, honing her craft and expanding her musical horizons.

“Living Room Parties” is a testament to her resilience and her ability to translate personal trials into compelling musical narratives. Fans of Lily’s introspective and heartfelt songwriting can now experience the reflective beauty of “Living Room Parties” and look forward to the full story unfolding in her upcoming album.

Listen to “Living Room Parties” below!


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