17-Year Old Canadian Newcomer Sophia Rae Makes Her Debut With ‘Lonely’

Nova Scotia’s own 17-year-old talent, Sophia Rae, marks her entry into the music world with the poignant single “Lonely.” The debut track, co-written with Juno award winner Meaghan Smith and produced by ECMA winner Jason Mingo, resonates with Sophia’s personal journey and showcases her mature songwriting skills.

Sophia’s artistic journey began at a young age, with significant milestones including a performance on the Tedx stage at 14 and recognition in CBC’s Canada-wide competition for her song ‘Truth in Me.’ Her collaboration with notable artists like Jennah Barry and Scott Furgoson has been instrumental in shaping her distinct voice in the music industry.

“Lonely,” written during a challenging period in Sophia’s life, explores the theme of self-discovery and the courage to embrace solitude over staying in a toxic relationship. The song’s genesis occurred during a transformative songwriting session with Meaghan Smith, leading to a profound realization and a powerful lyrical narrative.

Sophia aims to challenge the conventional negative connotations of loneliness with “Lonely,” encouraging listeners to find strength and creativity in solitude. The song has already garnered positive reviews from industry professionals and resonates deeply with listeners, reflecting the universal experience of loneliness.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Sophia Rae is a passionate mental health advocate and public speaker, focusing on trauma literacy and mental wellness. Her advocacy work intensified following the tragic loss of her aunt in the NS massacre in 2020, highlighting the need for teen mental health support and trauma-informed teaching.

Sophia’s multifaceted talents extend to yoga, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship. She co-hosts and produces the ‘Spark’ podcast with her mother and is the co-CEO of ‘Girl on Fire.’ Her efforts in promoting young entrepreneurship recently led to a collaboration with her CSAP school board.

As Sophia Rae steps into the spotlight with “Lonely,” she brings not only her musical gifts but also a profound message of resilience and hope. Her debut single promises to be the first of many impactful contributions to the music world and beyond.

Listen to the moving and inspirational single “Lonely” by Sophia Rae below!


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