Lionsgate Secures Rights For Emma Straub’s Novel ‘This Time Tomorrow’

Lionsgate has optioned Emma Straub‘s novel This Time Tomorrow for a film adaptation following a competitive auction, according to Deadline.

Jason Moore has quickly been tapped to produce and direct the project, with Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman producing for Mandeville. Straub will adapt her book herself.

This Time Tomorrow revolves around Alice, who’s caring for her ailing father as she’s about to turn 40. But when she wakes up in 1996, reliving her 16th birthday, it isn’t her adolescent body that shocks her, nor seeing her high school crush – it’s her dad: the vital, charming, 40-something version of her father with whom she is reunited.

Now armed with a new perspective on her own life and his, past events take on new meaning. Is there anything that she would change if she could? The novel is in its third week on the NYT Hardcover Fiction Best Sellers list after debuting at number 3.

Erin Westerman, Lionsgate’s President of Production, said in a statement: “Emma’s novel is tender and funny, life-affirming and poignant, sweet and nostalgic, deep and rich. There’s no relationship more fraught than that between parent and child, and it only gets more so as the years go by.

Jason is the perfect director for this project – he can present the big, fascinating ideas and then drill down into the emotional center to change your whole perspective.”

Moore added: “I’m so excited to reteam with Lionsgate and Todd and Alex at Mandeville to bring Emma’s extraordinary book to audiences. It’s a hilariously funny, ingenious and deeply moving look at the way time is our most precious commodity, and how we spend it makes all the difference in who we become and how we are remembered.”

Moore is referring to reteaming with Lionsgates because he previously worked with them when he directed Shotgun Wedding, the Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy that will debut on Amazon later this year.

Moore has also helmed comedies such as Pitch Perfect and Sisters, while also being the creative force behind Broadway hits like Shrek The Musical and Fully Committed.

Straub has written four other novels – All Adults Here, The Vacationers, Modern Lovers, and Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures – and has become a very popular figure in the literary world, so don’t expect this project to be the only one of her books getting a film or TV adaptation.


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