Lizzy Caplan To Star In ‘Fatal Attraction’ TV Show

Lizzy Caplan has signed on to star in the upcoming series reboot of 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction, which is being developed for Paramount+.

The original film follows a sexually charged affair between Alex and Dan, played by Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in now iconic roles. Things begin to spiral out of control as Alex grasps onto Dan at all costs, while Dan tries to keep him and his family out of her reach. Things turn violent as Alex attempts to cut through all obstacles to get to the one thing that she wants – Dan.

The film was a major hit and made the erotic thriller genre hot for about a decade. Despite that, the plot has a few problems when looking back on it through 2021 eyes, and this adaptation will reportedly dive deep into how emotions, psychological trauma, and so-called ‘obsessive’ women are viewed and handled in today’s world.

How the show will expand a pretty tight narrative into an entire series is another challenge. Perhaps they’re aiming for something like Netflix’s You, which also focuses on an obsessive relationship.

Alexandra Cunningham – who created Dirty John, another show about a relationship gone wrong – has created the series, and will co-write it alongside Kevin J. Hynes (Perry Mason). David Nevins, Paramount+’s Chief Content Officer, Scripted Originals, said of the series:

“There’s a very timeless appeal to the themes of fidelity and infidelity, why good people make very dumb, problematic choices, and just marriage and family against those themes of fidelity and infidelity. I think the writers have come up with a very smart way to make it very contemporary while also honoring the original.”

This project reteams Caplan and Nevins, as the latter previously served as the head of Showtime, which aired Masters Of Sex, which also starred Caplan. This is actually the second famous cinematic villain of the late 80s/early 90s Caplan will play, as she also portrayed Misery‘s Annie Wilkes on the second season of Hulu’s Castle Rock.

Caplan is also the lead voice role on Inside Job, an animated comedy series that just debuted on Netflix. She also has a main role on the Apple TV+ drama Truth Be Told, and is currently shooting horror film Cobweb. She remains a great underrated actress, and will likely knock this role out of the park.


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