London Avant Pop Duo Longlight Return With New Track ‘Heaven’

British avant pop duo Longlight have released a new single titled “Heaven”.

For this their third single, trip-hop beats, eerie strings, and fuzz guitars combine on an enticing chorus presided over by lead singer Jo Williams’ falsetto vocals, making it by far the darkest and most introspective track on the album.

The song has religious overtones, but at its core, it’s about how we love the things we’re comfortable with, which cage us and dominate our lives.

With “Heaven”, Longlight dive deep into their darker selves, with production from Danny Allin (Daniel Blumberg, Marmozets Labrinth), who helps the band expand and bends the sound cosmos revealed by their previous two tracks.

Among the claustrophobic synthesisers, cracked rhythms, and lonesome theremins, Jo’ distinctive deep voice offers relief, with guitarist Lucas Polo’s shape-shifting guitar penetrating the atmosphere and leading us into an exhilarating chorus evocative of classical Soul.

“Heaven” is a meditation on modern life and its hazards, combining early Journey with the messiest funk rhythm section, advanced production techniques, and the duo’s characteristic field recordings.

The duo recorded the single at Vale studios in the small hours of the morning. Their partnership and experimental approach were just starting. The songwriting style remains rooted in classic songwriting.

Longlight will be joining the likes of Amber Run and Fickle at the 110 ABOVE festival later this year, with an official headline show also in the works, and perhaps a full-length project coming soon as well.

Listen to “Heaven” below:


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