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London-based SILK.collective has just released their first single “Wanderer”, alongside its B-side song “Solo/Magnificent”. Both tracks display an intricate tapestry of soulful vocals, bass-driven grooves and fiercely catchy song writing, reminiscent of early Lianne La Havas.


The British band seamlessly weaves alternative R&B and contemporary folk into a spell-binding kind of musical entity. Taking inspiration from groups such as The Internet, lead vocalist and songwriter Aimee Warren is the thread that ties the interchanging band members together.


Speaking about the dynamic of SILK.collective, she states: “We want something different to a traditional, rigid band set-up. Instead, we embrace fluidity, allowing for constant change and growth. Silk invites every piece to stand on its own as an embodiment of all who were involved in its creation”.


Joining Aimee are the soulful melodies of her sister Jess Sawers-Warren (vocalist, synth and pianist) and producer, writer and bassist Naif Knowles. Aimee and Jess have collaborated before including recent backing arrangements for Boy George’s tracks “Clouds” and “Isolation”.


Naif Knowles has played with multiple groups over the last 10 years including heavy psych-rock 3 piece Derelics. The eclectic combination of their influences results in a culmination of genres that turn heads and break molds.


Aimee describes “Wanderer” as “a tender yet bold commentary on the cyclical nature of self-discovery, loss and healing”. This vision is depicted in the beautifully colourful and mesmerisingly tranquil work of animation by Tamara Hardy.


SILK.collective has already announced that they will release a follow-up single “Ease” in December.


You can listen to “Wanderer” now:




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