London Gen-Z Trio The Tyne Team Up With NOAHFINNCE For ‘(Not A) Love Song’

The Tyne, a UK-based group of Gen-Z trailblazers, has just released their latest single “(Not A) Love Song”. “(Not A) Love Song” is a great mixture of alternative alt-pop and pop-funk which makes this very piece very playful and dynamic.

Their professional journey started with their debut EP BORN ON THE INTERNET via Slam Dunk Records August 2022.

The collection of songs, which is full of confidence and perfectly displays their distinct blend of modern Pop-Punk and unbridled energy, draws inspiration from artists like Yungblud! and Twenty-One Pilots while eradicating dated tropes of the genre.

Now 18-years old, the band was founded when its members were just 14 due to their shared love of indie and classic pop-punk music. They have now gaining over 400,000 followers on Tik Tok through performances in their parents’ back gardens.

The band has created a blend of contemporary pop-punk with impactful lyrics and unadulterated energy that sits in its own place alongside the new-school of rock artists like Waterparks, Lil Huddy, and Hot Milk.

The band haven’t lost the likeability and personality that propelled The Tyne into the social media spotlight so early in their career despite their full-blooded take on teenage angst.

Listen and enjoy the new release “(Not A) Love Song” below!


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