London Musician And Producer Naughty Alice Shares New Track ‘Coldest One’

In the vibrant music world where new voices emerge every day, it takes an artist with true talent to stand out. Naughty Alice, the moniker of 24-year-old London-based producer and songwriter Alice Haine, does exactly this with her unique blend of vibey, hook-laden pop and R&B tracks.

Her ability to interweave sensuous female vocal melodies with bass-focused beats results in a sound that is both infectious and innovative.

Naughty Alice’s music has already been recognised by some of the most influential platforms in the music industry. Her tracks have been featured on BBC Radio London, BBC 1 Xtra, BBC Introducing, and even Spotify editorial playlists.

Her unique approach to pop and R&B genres, coupled with her remarkable production skills, has made her a rising talent to watch in the UK’s music scene.

Her latest offering “Coldest One” is a perfect accompaniment to the summer season. It is an easy, light listen with an underlying depth in its lyrics, showcasing Naughty Alice’s knack for creating meaningful music.

The track, which features trumpets and smooth, warm guitars, promises to be a must-add to summer playlists for music enthusiasts looking for a fresh and captivating sound.

Naughty Alice is not one to remain confined within her solo ventures. She recently collaborated with Silvana on a track, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. The pair found the writing process natural and enjoyable, hinting at more potential collaborations in the future.

Despite her deep understanding of the UK Hip-Hop and R&B scene, Naughty Alice doesn’t let the rules of the genre restrict her. By featuring different artists on each of her songs, she breathes new life into these genres. The blend of Hip-Hop beats with her soft, warm vocals results in a smooth, upbeat vibe that sets her music apart.

From her moniker, one might expect a bit of mischievousness from Naughty Alice, and she delivers that in her music – not through unruly behavior but by challenging the norm, bending genres, and bringing something completely fresh to the UK music scene.

Her latest single “Coldest One” is now available to stream below, marking another step in this promising artist’s exciting musical journey. The journey of Naughty Alice is far from over, and her audience can expect many more innovative tracks that push the boundaries of the music industry.


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