Florida Artist Rōbi Unveils New Song ‘Not The One’ Featuring Emilio Rojas

Genre-defying artist Rōbi dropped his latest single “Not The One” on July 14, 2023, in a collaborative effort with rapper Emilio Rojas and Grammy-nominated producer Matt Malpass.

The powerhouse track fuses elements of hip-hop, alternative rock, and pop rock to serve a potent warning against those who would cross him. “Not The One,” as the title implies, communicates Rōbi’s readiness to combat manipulation and deceit.

The artist has been open about his past experiences of being taken advantage of and deceived. “I’ve been played by people in the past. Through that experience, I’ve honed my ability to discern when someone is being disingenuous,” Rōbi reveals, “I’ve been scarred, swindled, and even sued by people harboring ulterior motives that I initially failed to perceive.”

Venturing into multiple genres like pop, hip hop, and rock, Rōbi wields his lyricism to narrate heartbreaking experiences and comment on global occurrences. Often presenting stories as tales, the artist employs upbeat melodies as clever disguises for his satirical metaphors tackling challenging themes. One such example is his song “My Day”, which centers on the sensitive issue of self-harm.

Rōbi’s ability to generate a wide spectrum of emotions, from cheerful, light-hearted tunes to deeper, darker themes, resonates with his ever-expanding audience. This resonance has resulted in an impressive achievement for the independent artist, with his music surpassing the milestone of one million streams.

True to his roots, Rōbi promises his growing fanbase authenticity and self-integrity, knowing that these attributes are essential for long-lasting success in the music industry.

Discover “Not The One” by Rōbi featuring Emilio Rojas today! Listen to the track below.


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