London Rap Artist And Songwriter Christopha Releases New Track ‘Throwback’

Emerging rapper Christopha has once again caught attention with the latest track “Throwback,” the twelfth song from his ongoing project, 26 Miles and Running. Released on June 9, “Throwback” swiftly garnered national radio airplay on BBC 1xtra, spotlighting Christopha’s unique musical prowess.

Immersed in neo-soul and R&B vibes, “Throwback” subtly harks back to the influential 70s show, Soul Train. Known for his astute lyricism and messages of empowerment, Christopha embeds an homage to women’s Afro hairstyles within both the song’s lyrics and its cover art. The clever wordplay in “fro”back (Throwback) is a nostalgic nod to an era where the Afro hairstyle was celebrated and esteemed.

Before embarking on his musical journey, Christopha graduated as a business leader in the computer sector. Music was not initially his sole focus. However, destiny steered his path, leading to collaborations with renowned UK rappers like Ty (Rest in Power) and Skinnyman.

Drawing inspiration from artists ranging from Kano to India Arie, Christopha’s distinctive sound and talent have earned him recognition as a ‘Future Name’ by BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts, and Bucks, primarily for his impressive debut EP, Hidden.

Currently, Christopha is in the midst of a creative marathon, releasing a new song every two weeks throughout the year. This ambitious approach has borne fruit, with four out of the 12 released songs gaining significant recognition and airplay on national radio.

The world eagerly anticipates the forthcoming tracks that are set to emerge from the 26 Miles and Running project.

Don’t miss out on the chance to listen to “Throwback” by Christopha, available below!


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