Norwegian Songstress MIIA Returns With New Single ‘How Do I Love You?’

Having captivated global audiences with her single “Dynasty” in 2016, which debuted on Billboard and racked up over 130 million streams, Norwegian singer MIIA has finally rewarded her fans with a new chapter in her musical journey in 2023. Now, How I Feel Records proudly presents her latest offering, “How Do I Love You?”

This fearless and truthful single tells a story that has been waiting to rise from the ashes. It is a brave and potent song crafted in collaboration with renowned songwriter LP. With her soul laid bare, MIIA showcases her instinctive and effortless confidence in this latest work.

I used to apologize for feeling. And I thought, that me loving too deeply, was a weakness. I’ve come to find that it’s the opposite; My love is my biggest strength and greatest weapon, and I am finally ready to embrace it for all that it is,” shared MIIA, marking the opening of this new chapter.

MIIA’s journey began when she traveled to Los Angeles at age 14 to visit her uncle and best friend, Joachim. It was during this trip that she got an opportunity to record a few songs for fun, sparking interest from an indie label in the US, leading to her first EP.

In 2014, MIIA’s debut single, “In The Light of Love”, reached #24 on iTunes Pop chart without any promotion. It was used in several major synchs on Film/TV like The Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, and Virgin Territory. MIIA’s cover of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” has generated 1.9 million views on YouTube, indicating her strong instincts in musical taste and direction.

Described as heartfelt epic pop, MIIA’s music is a mix of deep melancholy and great strength, the perfect repertoire for live performances. From a very young age, MIIA found her place on stage, performing live regularly since her early teens.

Now, at 25 years old, MIIA has spent the last two years evolving and becoming the artist she always aspired to be. Her next project is a debut EP containing four very personal and powerful songs, each symbolizing the elements – Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each song will also have its own special world, within their own music video, all written and directed by MIIA herself.

Listen to “How Do I Love You?” below!


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