London Singer-Songwriter Sophomooreik Returns With New Single ‘No Time’

With his brand new single titled “No Time” and upcoming EP at the end of the year, UK alt-rap artist Sophomooreik is making a comeback to the scene with genuine storytelling and distinctive mashup of trap, electronica, and alternative hip-hop.

Liam Moore, aka Sophomooreik, is a sharp and intuitive storyteller who uses his own experiences and those of those around him to create a tale that is at once semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical, and always authentic. This narrative unfolds across each track.

Moore, now 24 years old, used to spend hours searching through HMV since he had a passion for discovering and exploring new music as a child. He first became interested in rap after finding Eminem in this context.

Moore first tasked himself and his friends with writing lyrics to beats when he was just 10 years old. They would go home after school and come back the next day to perform their work. Moore first saw the complexity of music at this very young age when he realized that rhyme schemes existed in addition to the song’s melodic elements.

He devoted his time to researching and analyzing how words were put together, which became his main interest and motivated him to pursue music more seriously.

“It was the linguistics of it all that caught me; the rhyming was technical and I never wanted to just say things for the sake of the rhyme, it was deeper than that”, he adds.

The musician from North West London decided to pursue music, and as he made contacts with producers, his sound evolved. He now collaborates closely with producer Beecher to generate dark, trap rhythms that draw inspiration from more melodic and harmonising compositions.

His lyrics are able to direct the flow because to this teamwork.“I work out what I want to say first and then I look into the beats, I want my lyrics to do all the work and lead the music, not the other way around,” Sophomooreik makes a promise, and he keeps it.

Listen to Sophomooreik’s brand new single “No Time” below.


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