Swedish Indie-Pop Musician Myie Releases New Single ‘Fever Dream’

Myie (Miriam Ingrid) is a Swedish indie-pop musician from Uppsala and she has just released her new single titled “Fever Dream”.

She wrote her first song when she was 15 years old, and now she has an album five years later. Her album will tell stories about coming of age, growing pains and different experiences that reflect growing up.

She also has a background as an actress in the film industry, so music is just another way for her to express herself. Growing up in different countries had a significant impact on her development as an artist.

Explaining her new track “Fever Dream”, Myie describes it as a song about gossip, and how one adds to it by responding to it. Words change from person to person, they’re twisted and suddenly no one knows what the truth is.

It’s like a fever dream – a bizarre situation that you can’t control and that changes constantly. Finally we understand the real truth: “We are not together“. The gossip is over and the song ends.

Myie will also appear as an actor in the upcoming Swedish TV series Försvunna människor (Missing People) and the Netflix series One More Time, which will premiere in early 2023.

“Fever Dream” is produced by Mathias Zachrisson and released via Bolero Recordings, and will be part of Myie’s upcoming debut album Feel Real.

Listen to Myie’s brand-new single “Fever Dream” below.


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