LOOΠΔ/yyxy + Grimes – love4eva | Music Video


It’s here! It’s here! LOOΠΔ have released the first music video for their last subunit LOOΠΔ/yyxy, a song featuring with the international alternative singer, Grimes.


love4eva” is an electric pop song with an energetic bass and was produced by E-TRIBE, the same producer of the K-Pop hit “Gee” from SNSD, and upcoming production team BADD. The song is about a sudden encounter of a crush, claiming that it’s not just about the process of having the person to love you back, but the emotion itself is what is lovable and precious.


The music video was shot exclusively in Budapest, Hungary with LOOΠΔ’s video director Digipedi. The same director that directed all the LOOΠΔ/yyxy music videos like “New”, “Heart Attack”, “One&Only” and “Egoist”.


The music video explains why Olivia is very dark in the Egoist music video. The video is set in an orphanage with a strict teacher, who would be God. Styled like they came out of Clueless, Yves plays truant and Chuu follows her blindly.


They collude with Go Won to escape the school, which would be the Eden. Finally, they escape but with no word to Olivia, she stays alone in the school. Olivia, terrified by not knowing the outside world, escapes alone and starts to hate Yves.


Watch the amazing music video below:




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