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Spring is springing and in these days we are enjoying the warm rays of sun that make us feel that summer is just around the corner. Well, almost!


But don’t let you find unpreprared and start to have a look at your summer closet for the hottest season of the year.


The gingham style is back for this summer. This timeless print is wonderful on every piece of outfit. From off-the-shoulder tops to crop top, to pants and skirts, you can find your perfect summer outfit for less than $90, shopping at Zara, Mango, ASOS or Topshop.


Your summer bucket list should include also bra tops, whose return will give some competition to top crops. The best way to wear them is with high-waisted pants or skirts. There are available in an infinite versions and colours…just free your style!


With long or short sleeves, the cold shoulder will have its moment during this summer. Mango, Abercrombie & Fitch and Pixie Market sell their proposals for less than $52.


Let’s put away sweaters and coats and let’s go shopping!






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