Los Angeles Pop Artist SOZI Unleashes Vibrant New Track ‘Jinx It’

SOZI, the rising star in the music scene, unveils her first single of 2024 “Jinx It.” This vibrant track blends pop punk and pop rock, delivering a catchy chorus that resonates with the energy of today’s youth.

“Jinx It” takes listeners on a musical journey steeped in driving rhythms, rebellious lyrics, and dynamic vocals. Drawing inspiration from pop-punk traditions, SOZI brings a fresh perspective to her sound, embodying a bold exploration of individual musicality.

As a promising talent on the rise, the singer has already made her mark with previous hits like “Drinking For Two” and “Summer Views.” A versatile artist, she has a background in classical piano, starting at the age of seven, and began songwriting at ten. This rich musical education is reflected in her ability to create powerful and diverse sounds.

Having played on stages across Los Angeles, from the iconic Viper Room to the Peppermint Club, SOZI has proved her ability to electrify audiences. Beyond the city limits, she has showcased her talents at events like Style Fashion Week in Palm Springs and Sofar Sounds Chicago, leaving a lasting impression with her captivating performances.

Inspired by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Halsey, “Jinx It” not only pays homage to pop-rock roots but also propels SOZI into the spotlight as an artist to watch in 2024. With its gripping soundscape, the single reflects the artist’s commitment to crafting music that resonates with the energy and enthusiasm of today’s youth.

Don’t miss out on “Jinx It” – a track that makes you feel like the main character of your life!

Listen to “Jinx It” down below!


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