Stockholm Artist NOEL Shares New Single ‘Everything’s Fine’ With Tessa Odden

In a dazzling start to 2024, Stockholm-born artist NOEL is set to captivate music lovers with his latest single, “Everything’s Fine” a collaboration with Norwegian singer Tessa Odden, releasing on 26th January. As anticipation builds, NOEL also announced the debut of his EP, Headed North, scheduled for release on the 8th of March.

Regret, a profound and universal emotion, takes center stage in NOEL’s poignant new track. The piano-led ballad explores the haunting echoes of what could have been, as alternative endings to memories play out.

NOEL, known for his emotive musical style reminiscent of Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur, uses his rich vocals to dissect complicated emotions, creating a heartfelt narrative. Tessa Odden, an Oslo-based singer with a distinctive voice, adds striking harmonic layers to the track, enhancing its emotional depth.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Everything’s Fine,” NOEL shares, “The song is a mix of memories and feelings, but also my imagination of the perfect world where ‘what ifs’ became reality. I sometimes think about the people who I thought would play a big part in my life but who I have no connection to at all today, and ‘Everything’s Fine’ is a reflection of those thoughts.”

Tessa Odden, an established musician with over 80 million Spotify streams, expresses her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “NOEL has an amazing voice and is a skilled songwriter. We have quite a similar style, so it was really fun to do a duet together. I hope people like it as much as I do!

“Everything’s Fine” paves the way for NOEL’s debut EP, Headed North, which features previously released singles “30 Loose Ends” and “When You’re Not Mine,” showcasing NOEL’s fully-formed and expansive musical style while captivating listeners with his compelling songwriting.

NOEL, who gained fame through captivating bedroom covers on TikTok, offers a unique blend of talent, honesty, and revealing lyrics. At just 20 years old, the half-Swedish, half-Norwegian artist’s journey from a football-focused childhood to a burgeoning music career highlights his resilience and adaptability.

A knee injury at 17 abruptly ended his football dreams, leading him to discover his true passion for music. Despite his unconventional path, NOEL has already collaborated with seasoned songwriters and producers, channeling his innate talent into original compositions.

As a rising star born from bedroom covers, NOEL’s story has only just begun. His distinctive voice and honest lyrics promise an extraordinary future in the world of music, making him an artist to watch in 2024 and beyond.

Listen to “Everything’s Fine” here!


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