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American contemporary R&B singer Sunny has released a new song titled “Apollo”. The single was taken from her EP titled Mournings. During the three minutes long song, we can really listen to how the singer puts forward her music style along with a groovy drum accompanying her as well as an electric guitar.


The song is about stepping out of fear or any anxiety. With the single, she embraces the unknown, she goes forward with life, with lyrics such as “We are going to be alright“. She really took her time to write the song, and we can feel it in the vibes that the music gets out as well as the harmony between her voice and the instruments.


The soulful melody mixed with an R&B touch makes her voice slide onto the record, with blissful vibes and harmonious grooves and melodies.


The Los-Angeles based singer grew up in Riverside. She has always been interested in music and music has made her become who she is, as well as her love for writing and singing. Sunny was encouraged by her mother to go to open mics and show her talent but also to get rid of the shy side of her personality that has overshadowed her talent.


After years of singing and doing open mics, she got an opportunity at the Oxnard Jazz Festival in 2018 to perform, and finally, in early 2021 she released her first-ever EP titled Mournings with five different songs that all should soon have music videos.


The EP is proclaimed to be about an “Anxious girl with a big voice:, which is exactly what she wanted to get across throughout her songs as we said above with “Apollo”. We will have to wait a bit to see the music videos but if they are as calming as the songs we should get something really cool.


Listen to “Apollo” here:




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