‘Lost In The Sun’ – Fantastic Road Movie That Has A Sweet Tale to Tell | Film Review

lost in the sun


Lost in the Sun is the type of film that I love to watch. For one, I did not have a clue what the film was about, big plus side to it, not having any marketing budget, and the story and the characters are unique. Josh Duhamel plays John, a man who lives in his car and seems at home when it comes to stealing or taking advantage of anyone he comes into contact with, enter Josh Wiggins who plays Louis, a 14 year old boy whose mother has just passed away and due to him becoming an orphan, he is now forced to travel three days on a bus to go live with his Grandparents.


Essentially this is a road movie were two people bond over time and learn about what makes the other person tick, as the film arrives past the half way point, the movie avoids the cliche route and instead delves deeper into the two likeable characters which makes for an entertaining as well as emotional viewing. One of my favourite films of the year so far!


Film rating 8/10




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