Louis Vuitton Unveils First Smartwatch Collection ‘Tambour Horizon’ | Fashion News


Louis Vuitton presents their first smartwatch collection called Tambour Horizon. The collection is composed of three main pieces black, graphite and monogram plus various accessories. The LV smartwatch collection is available to buy now with prices starting from £2,400 for the Graphite and Monogram models while the Black model is the priciest at £2,600.


The French Maison has followed the example of other fashion brands which have already joined the smartwatch market. The collection has been presented with a YouTube video full of celebrity, from Jennifer Connelly to Miranda Kerr.


This line in just the beginning of a project that want to merge fashion and high technology. Michael Burke Louis , Vuitton executive officer said of the collection, “Look, the internet of things is really only going to get bigger”.






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