Love Is Returning With ‘Packed’ By New England Musician Matt McKnzi

Matt McKnzi, the New England singer-songwriter and producer, is back with his latest single, “Packed.” This track is a fusion of chill pop, R&B, and soul, narrating the return of an ex-lover.

McKnzi’s journey from addiction to sobriety in 2020 has been a driving force behind his dedication to music. After overcoming personal struggles, he made a vow to pursue his musical dreams, regardless of the challenges he might face along the way.

His debut single, “Dying Breed,” released in 2022, laid the groundwork for his distinctive style, characterized by layered vocals and melancholic pop chords.

Now, with “Packed” as his final single before the release of his album Ghost Stories in May, McKnzi continues to showcase his vocal prowess and storytelling ability. The song captures the unexpected reappearance of an ex-lover, set against a backdrop of melodies and groovy rhythms.

Recording most of his music in his Dallas apartment studio, McKnzi taught himself piano and beat-making in Logic Pro. Collaborating with engineer Will Carmack at Fifty50 Studios, his creative vision comes to life, embracing experimentation and happy accidents in the production process.

As the singer prepares to fulfill his late mother’s wish by pursuing his dreams, his journey reflects creativity and authenticity. Through “Packed,” he invites listeners into his world of healing, recovery, and newfound wisdom.

Matt McKnzi’s music reflects his realness and strength. With “Packed,” he gives a peek into his healing journey. And, we can’t wait for his new album, “Ghost Stories,” for more of McKnzi’s heartfelt sounds.

Listen to “Packed” below!


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