‘Love’ Season 2 Teaser | TV Trailer


Seriously people, Netflix does not want you leaving your homes this year. Especially in March, where it seems like they’re planning on releasing a new project every day.


A brand new teaser for season two of Love has now dropped. The show’s first season was a big success critically, being praised for its realistic take on contemporary relationships in the ever-evolving social media, forever-connected-but-actually-disconnected world, being one of Netflix’s more understated shows.


The teaser below doesn’t give away much, just focusing on glimpses of the ongoing lives of Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust), but for fans of the show it’s an exciting glimpse. The show seems to exist in the far corner of Netflix, away from the heavyweights, like Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards, but might be developing into Netflix’s very own cult hit (if it’s possible to have a cult hit when you’re the biggest streaming giant in the world).


Love returns for its second season on Friday, March 10 on all Netflix territories.




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