Lucy – B-Day | Music Video


Remember Lee Byung-hun’s infidelity and blackmail scandal back in 2014? The G.I. Joe and Terminator star’s advances on GLAM member, Da-hee, and model, Lee Ji-yeon, had earned him the nickname of “Santa Lee” and coined one of the year’s trendiest phrases: “Love, Success!”, things that still haunt him today in article comments.


But for Da-hee, this meant the end of her career as a part of GLAM – the end of GLAM as a whole. This hit fellow member Ji-yeon particularly hard, if her participation in Show Me The Money: Season 4 proved anything. Ji-yeon appeared on the first episode and dropped an emotional rap criticizing Lee Byung-hun and how he had taken advantage of and ruined her group member and ultimately, the group’s career.


Since her unfortunate elimination from the survival program, she’s remained relatively quiet on the scene and now it’s clear why! The former GLAM leader is off to a clean, new start as a solo artist under the stage name Lucy and has dropped her first single “B-Day”, featuring rapper, Kisum.


The song starts off relatively casual and sweet, but gradually increases in intensity before the chorus hits and the song has transformed into a funky beat. The bright video features colourful props on a minimal background. The overall effect? A catchy song and quirky video that perfectly reflects the bright lyrics wishing someone a happy birthday.




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