LULLANAS Unveil Folk-Pop Masterpiece ‘Pretty Lies & Time Machines’

Twin sister duo LULLANAS have announced their debut full-length album, Pretty Lies & Time Machines, which will be released on June 14. Simultaneously, they are releasing the eponymous single, “Pretty Lies & Time Machines,” today.

The album’s title track provides a glimpse into the emotional depth that listeners can expect from this collection. LULLANAS shares, “‘Pretty Lies & Time Machines’ encapsulates the weight and beautiful, complex emotions tied to people coming in and out of our lives. It acknowledges hope, messiness, and all the emotions in between, and how at night, our thoughts come alive. It became the name of our album because it truly represents the overall theme.”

As twins, LULLANAS work synergistically, with Atisha focusing more on lyrics inspired by independent folk rock, while Nishita, passionate about country pop, leads in melodies and guitar.

For the creation of “Pretty Lies & Time Machines,” the duo collaborated with their good friend and producer Keith Goodwin (Good Old War), adding a special touch to the creative process. They also worked with renowned artists such as Jake Etheridge, Katelyn Tarver, Marc Scibilia, Sam Lynch, Riley Pearce, and many others to write the album’s songs.

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia and of Indo-American origin, the sisters began their musical journey DIY style by recording the nostalgic “don’t say” in a makeshift recording studio in a cotton mill in Mumbai while visiting their grandmother. This immediately comforting and accessible song has garnered nearly 4 million streams on Spotify.

Raised in the United States as first-generation immigrants, their childhood was filled with the music of the Beatles, Shania Twain, and James Taylor, influences that still shine through in their music today.

In 2020, LULLANAS released their first EP, Before Everything Got Real, produced by Peter Katis (The National, The Paper Kites). Their musical journey has also led them to share the stage with artists such as Maggie Rose, Darlingside, and Wild Rivers, as well as tour alongside Peter Bradley Adams and the independent Australian folk trio Sons of the East.

Mark your calendars for June 14, as “Pretty Lies & Time Machines” promises to be a must-listen album that captures the emotional richness of human relationships through LULLANAS’ unique and harmonious perspective.

And if you want a sneak peek, listen to “Pretty Lies & Time Machines” below!


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