CHAR And Flourish Reveal Their New Single ‘Moment (Just A Little Longer)’

The single “Moment (Just a Little Longer)” is the result of a blend of two worlds coming together. The soulful vocals from Pop/R&B artist CHAR and the silky, sensual chords contrasting with the wicked, driving bass lines deployed by the producer Flourish.

“Moment (Just A Little Longer)” is an exploration of the concept of “time”, and in particular the complex feelings it can evoke, the duality between nostalgia and being present. Share explains, “I’ve been both fascinated and terrified by the concept of ‘time’ for as long as I can remember.

This track is characterized by electro sounds that are sure to get your head bobbing accompanied by lyrics that evoke a kind of bittersweet nostalgia.

Originally trained on piano and saxophone, Flourish fell in love with electronic music and production at the age of 10. Taking inspiration from different music categories, Flourish ventured into the worlds of pop, funk, modern rhythm and blues, jazz and beyond.

In 2023, he received significant recognition on Radio 1’s ‘Future Artists’ segment, where presenter Jack Saunders highlighted “Longway” (with Bandit) as his ‘Next Wave’ track of the week.

Additionally, “Sweatshirt”, the second single from Flourish’s Friendly Faces EP, featuring frequent collaborators Comanavago, gained traction by being added to the Nu-Funk playlist and was recognized as one of Spotify’s Best Funk Songs of 2023.

Driven by a desire to channel her intense emotions, CHAR has sought solace in her latest attempt at songwriting, using music as a means of both confronting her experiences and finding refuge in them. With a sound that navigates between cry-pop, dance pop, and dark pop, CHAR creates music that paints the complexity of life.

As “Moment (Just A Little Longer)” is now available on music streaming platforms, we invite listeners to immerse themselves in CHAR and Flourish profound musical odyssey.

Listen to “Moment (Just A Little Longer)” here.


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