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Four piece New Jersey based dream poppers, Lunch Ladies, will be releasing their new album, entitled Down On Sunset Strip, on Friday, March 10. See the track listing for Down On Sunset Strip at the bottom of this article, with the artwork the image above. The track “Pick Yourself” is a hint of what to come.


“Pick Yourself” certainly has a dreamy vibe, the hi-hat intense drums perhaps snapping you out of the initial ringing reverie. Things then hammer more emphatically, twiddling and slightly abrasive guitar countering and complementing the light, airy vocal. A joyous guitar solo heralds an expert slow down. You think it is dying a death, but is merely changing tack.



Down On Sunset Strip Track Listing:


1. Sunshine
2. You’re Not There
3. Love Is Overrated
4. Sad Jeans
5. Lazy
6. Bumming Too Much
7. Pick Yourself Up



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