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Between spending the latter part of last year supporting Coldplay on their European tour and the success of her 2017 EP Like Water, Lyves – known by some also as Francesca Bergami – has spent much time in the studio cooking up a righteous follow-up to carry on last years efforts. The result? The Eight Rooms project. And we are treated to it’s first installment – “Still“.


Written by Lyves and produced by JNTHN Stein, “Still” is the by-product of a haunting vocal performance, nuanced penmanship and ethereal production. A mesmerising reflective story of despair, littered with moments of climatic transcending hope, she brilliantly paints an emotive alt-pop story to the backdrop of a medley of sounds and instruments before fading away into peaceful stillness.


Eight Rooms will be more than just a project. Each song will have it’s own video helmed by a different director in order to explore a diversity of emotional themes told through personal narratives. Lyves will release the songs once a month, where they will be followed by short films intertwined via subtle connections that the viewer may only become aware of at a later date. Through the creation of this emotive tapestry, Lyves proves she is a bona fide artist.




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