M1LDL1FE – How You Forget | Music Video


Singaporean four-piece band M1LDL1FE presents a new video for the single “How You Forget” from their first self-titled EP. This slow-burning indie-rock ballad now has some very creative visuals. The band’s frontman Paddy Ong explains what the track is about:


The idea for the song came about when I found myself not being able to remember some my moments with an ex-lover. It was as if those moments never existed. And I found it strange that for someone with whom at the time you felt so connected to, someone you allowed inside your walls, memories with them you would think be permanent, yet you cannot seem to remember most of it.”


The video features himself, spending a casual day, drowning in his thoughts. The director Jacky Lee mentioned that he “wanted the audience to feel a sense of familiarity and nostalgia while watching the video“. According to the director, the circle frame is a metaphor to represent how “life shouldn’t be a boring cycle day after day“.


This is the only the second single that M1LDL1FE have shared, however they’re not newbies on stage – earlier this year they announced they were no longer called Take Two. There were a few changes in the band members’ lives, as the quintet became a quartet and they felt a need to renovate the identity. That’s how they describe M1LDL1FE themselves: Spirited, Introspective, Slightly Odd.


Listen to this beautiful track and sing-along below.




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