‘Made in Chelsea: New York’ Premieres Dramatic New Trailer | TV Trailer

‘Made in Chelsea: New York’ premieres the new dramatic trailer


The trailer for Made in Chelsea: New York has premiered online continuing the drama from last season. In the clip, a group of the Chelsea residents are seen filming an advert for a perfume to celebrate their arrival in the city. The cast also reveal what to expect from their New York escapades, this includes awkward dates, randomly bumping into other cast members and unnecessary nudity. Last season’s finale saw Binky and Alex confront their friends at a gathering, telling them to stay out of their relationship, the dramatically tense scene saw the pair walking through the crowd while attendees watched in astonishment. The new season can expect to pick up from there and fans can expect to see show favourites such as Proudlock, Lucy Watson and Spencer Matthews in the upcoming episodes. The show re-starts in August 2014 on the E4 channel.




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