Malaysian Artist And Producer Vic Bends Releases His First Single ‘Falling’

Malaysian songwriter, producer, and singer Vic Bends has marked his entry into the music scene with the release of his debut single, “Falling“.

His inaugural track blends elements of bedroom pop, R&B, and indie styles to create a sound that’s both irresistibly catchy and deeply moving. “Falling” explores the intricacies of romantic relationships fraught with uncertainties, the fear of rejection, and a prevailing sense of pessimism.

Vic Bends’ unique lyrical approach in the song probes the idea that confessing one’s romantic feelings is often accompanied by a sense of impending doom.

“Falling” cleverly employs the metaphors of airplanes and turbulence to convey its message about the fickle nature of love. This creative twist adds a delightful dash of humor that perfectly aligns with Vic Bends’ artistic vision.

His ability to blend beautiful melodies, soulful vocals, and insightful lyrics in “Falling” showcases his versatility as a musician.

Hailing from Malaysia, where his love for music was kindled, Vic Bends carries a name deeply personal and intriguing. The “Bends” part of his stage name comes from his birth vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz (yes, he was born in a car). Meanwhile, “Vic” is a shortened form of his real name and signifies “victory”.

Vic draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, but none has had a more profound impact on his music than the pop sensation, Ariana Grande.

As an emerging talent in the industry, Vic Bends steps into the music scene as a somewhat lesser-known musician. He is completely independent and is enthusiastic about captivating listeners with his unique blend of pop, R&B, and indie elements.

Tune in to the debut single “Falling” by Vic Bends below!


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