Trippie Redd Unveils New Single ‘Took My Breath Away’ With Skye Morales

Multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Trippie Redd, has unveiled a fresh track titled “Took My Breath Away“, featuring singer and romantic partner, Skye Morales.

Their dynamic chemistry is captured in a music video, marking the couple’s debut on-screen performance together, directed by the creative collective 88Rising and Loris Russier.

Listed among Spotify’s ‘Top 50 Most Streamed Rappers,’ Trippie Redd echoes the new era of music by rekindling the suave, love-themed hip-hop that initially put him on the map.

Following the success of his initial mixtape, A Love Letter to You, he has released three additional albums, all acclaimed for their exploration of this theme.

Trippie Redd first caught attention in 2015 with a slew of online releases that hinted at his evolving sound – a fusion of trap, cloud rap, and emo rap, infused with the energy of punk and metal inspired by artists like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson.

His influences also include the likes of T-Pain, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne.

Both Trippie’s 2019 mixtape A Love Letter to You 4 and his 2021 studio album Trip at Knight debuted high on the Billboard charts, showcasing listeners’ strong response to Trippie’s eclectic approach to genre and creative expression.

Born Michael Lamar White IV in 1999, Trippie was raised in Canton, Ohio, where he began his rap journey as a youngster. Aged just eleven, Trippie lost his brother, an aspiring rapper, in a car accident. This personal tragedy motivated him to pursue the dreams that his brother could not fulfil.

Today, Trippie Redd is taking on the world, with the intention of pushing his artistry even further.

Watch the engaging video for “Took My Breath Away” below.


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