Malmö Twin Sisters 7ebra Release New Single ‘I Have A Lot To Say’

Inez and Ella, twin sisters from Malmö, are 25 years old, and 7ebra is their latest endeavor.

As they both sing eerie harmonies in a way that only twins can, Inez plays an electric guitar and Ella plays a keyboard, organ, and Mellotron as well as playing drum samples with her feet. Beautiful but edgy, epic but minimalist. They currently released a brand-new piece ‘I Have A Lot To Say’

Inez’s sister Ella eventually persuaded her to join what had originally been a solo songwriting project; “I was nagging Inez for a while that I wanted to play with her, do some harmonies on her songs, add some piano and melodies. She resisted for a while, but eventually, she gave in, and was like ‘okay fine’”.

“I had a show coming up at Tambourine Studios, but it felt a bit boring to do it alone. Ella was the best and obvious choice- even though it took a while for me to realize” laughs Inez.

The couple’s debut performance as a duo at the legendary Tambourine Studios in Malmö was a true turning moment since Tore Johansson, the renowned producer of indie rock hits like The Cardigans and Franz Ferdinand, was in the audience.

Since then, the pair have joined PNKSLM Recordings and have begun to get recognition in Scandinavia, the UK, and Europe. They have supported and toured with artists like Future Islands, The Dandy Warhols, and Bob Hund, and they have a full year of tour dates scheduled.

The best illustration of 7ebra’s seamless blending of their brand of simple indie rock tunes with Tore Johansson’s distinctive production stylings is “I Have a Lot to Say,” on which they even find a place for a fuzz guitar solo.

It was released on November 16th and serves as the group’s second single as well as a preview of their future debut album, which will be released through PNKSLM Recordings in the early months of 2023.

Watch the video for their new release “I Have A Lot To Say” below!


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