Manchester Alt-Pop Trio The Elephant Trees Release New Single ‘Meaning Of Lyf’

Manchester alt-pop band The Elephant Trees are back with a new single titled “Meaning Of Lyf”.

Formed of three artists, Martha, Sam and Tom, the trio is set to take the lead of the new generation of queer artists. Hit by their honesty and relatability, the listener is welcoming in a journey of powerful choruses and impassioned instrumentals resulting of conceptualisation of thoughts and feelings.

After two electric synth-rock singles “Ones” and “Zeros and Sorry”, “Meaning Of Lyv” follows the paths as an introspective track on their upcoming EP.

The creation of the new song took six months. Recorded at London in Urchin Studios with notable producer Dan Cox, the track answers the representation painted by the press of the climate change.

“Meaning of Lyf” is a piece of comfort for stray, mistaken and unexpressed walking alone in their own path.

Organic timbre matched up with electrically-charged glitches and staccato riffs, with vocals from Martha Phillips, make the track a pure treasure.

Speaking about the track, Martha says, “In rejecting the traditional habitus, which a lot of us do in our early twenties, there opens up a void that had once been filled with whatever our parents had raised us on.

It can be a really exciting, yet daunting, experience to step outside these constructs and realise your path is your own. The meaning of life is not to be liked, it’s not to conform, its not to be quiet and small. Really, you could argue that there is no meaning to life”.

Listen to “Meaning of Lyf” here:


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