Manchester Artist Akemi Fox Releases New Single ‘See You Soon’

A new single “See You Soon” has been released by Manchester R&B singer and songwriter Akemi Fox. The song gave a glimpse into her highly anticipated sophomore EP, as she continues to tease the release of her highly anticipated new project with Northern powerhouse NQ Records.

“See You Soon” is written by Akemi Fox and produced by Swindle. The traditional summer love song “See You Soon” is essentially a stripped back offering with lush acoustic guitar arrangements, bolstered by Akemi’s captivating voice, breathtaking vocal harmonies and yearning lyrics about wanting to reconnect with your lover.

In relation to the inspiration for the song, Akemi Fox said “See You Soon” is a sweet summer song about love. In this song, a person confesses their love and wants to get back together to relive all the special moments they’ve shared with them. While listening to the song, it feels as though one is bathing in a warm, sunny glow of love. There is a catchy rhythm in this light-hearted song, and the message is to get your loved one back.

Akemi Fox is considered one of the UK’s most fearless and gifted new artists and is admired for her irresistible voice, moving lyrics, nostalgic sound, and unconventional R&B style. Her music is considered alternative R&B, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Listen to “See You Soon” below


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