Marcus Marr + Chet Faker – The Trouble With Us | New Music



This fun little diddy “The Trouble With Us” has just been dropped on us, as a result of a four-day studio session between the pair. Marcus Marr and Chet Faker have joined forces after a casual social media conversations escalates to a surprising yet welcomed promise to release an EP. According to Marr, “The Trouble With Us” “was a real thrill as the songs came together. As far as working out lyrics and music, [Faker] is super-talented“.


Their two styles intermingle perfectly as this neo-disco track installs a fun funk element as the basis of the track, supported by some up-beat poppy vocals from Faker we’re not so used to hearing from him, indicating this Australian musician has a lot in his locker yet to be witnessed. The release of a track like this leaves the listener wanting so much more, not too long to go now as their EP Work will be released on December 4.


Click below to hear their first single “The Trouble With Us”:




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