Margot Robbie Gave Tattoos To The Entire Cast Of ‘Suicide Squad’ | Film News

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It seems that Margot Robbie has a knack for tattooing, but needs to work on her spelling. Sitting down with Stephen Colbert and her Whiskey Tango Foxtrot co-star Tina Fey on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Robbie revealed that she proudly owns a tattoo gun and has used it, a lot.


It turns out that Robbie and her Suicide Squad made their bond very permanent by way of ink, giving Taylor Swift’s squad a run for their money. While this is hardly news, pictures of Robbie with her precious tattoo gun in hand have already been circling the internet for some time now, it is news that Robbie needs to polish up her spelling skills.


After selling her inking-talents to a game Tina Fey, and a slightly more hesitant Colbert, she adorably admitted that she had actually misspelled one of her squad member’s tattoos. “Everyone was spelling it ‘S-K-W-A-D,’” Robbie explained. “But I went straight from the ‘S’ to the ‘W’”. As Fey hilariously put it  “good time to be pretty”. Watch the full interview below:




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