Marie Naffah Wants You To Escape With ‘Run Away With Me’

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and all-round creative Marie Naffah has returned with her new single titled “Run Away With Me“.

Marie is like a superheroine; she has the faculty to unify people that are listening to her voice, which makes her different from other artists. The past few years have showed the difficulty to create and keep relationship, so the public needs strong bond and purposeful relations, which is what Marie is offering.

After the first lockdown last year, Marie set herself a huge objective of hosting fifty shows in fifty days, which she tagged 50/50: For the Love of Live. She embarked to a startling journey through United Kingdom to introduce her music to wide-reaching audiences, from a refugee center in Middlesbrough to people queuing for their vaccines in Huddersfield.

Anywhere she introduced herself, Marie felt instantly connected to people by the shared experience. Her experience had given her the inspiration to write her upcoming EP Trains, from which “Run Away With Me” is the latest single.

The track puts in light Marie’s talent to express concrete stories through her creation. She allows listeners to run away from their present problems for the duration of the song. The song releases the inner feelings, from the best to the worst, that we are all able to imagine, which is the purpose of Marie creating music in the first place.

She describes the track as, “It’s about craving escape and wanting someone to drop everything and come with you. Although this is not directly about the pandemic, it’s definitely a product from being bored indoors and dreaming beyond four walls. I guess most people can relate to that feeling”.

“Run Away With Me” opens a new chapter in Marie’s life, for her personal life but also for her career, as she describes her new EP as her “most assured work yet”.

Listen to “Run Away With Me” here:


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